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Our Services

  • Compilation of best practices in currently managed properties for benchmarking and roll out in newly managed properties .
  • Conduct testing and commissioning methodologies of managed property’s equipment, common areas and facilities prior to turnover and acceptance by GPMC operations group.

Facilities Operations and Maintenance

  • Management of  operations and maintenance of all building systems and equipment of the development.
  • Implementation of security plans & policies of the property.
  • Implementation of housekeeping & sanitation procedures of the property.

Financial Administration

  • Maintenance of accounting records
  • Budget management and preparation of annual property operating and capital expenditure budgets.
  • Billing and collection of  condominium dues and other assessments.
  • Assist in the procurement of project and supply requirements of the managed properties.

Administrative Services

24-hour response time on customer queries.

  • Formulation and implementation of service standards, procedures, tools, equipment and staff uniforms.
  • Implementation and regular review of property House Rules & Regulations.
  • Facilitation of all condominium corporation-related meetings.

  • Regular operational, administrative, technical, security & safety audit of our managed properties.

Properties We Manage

Greenmist Property Management Corporation (GPMC) is founded on a commitment to provide consistent,first-rate property management service. Organized to satisfy the specialized requirements of large scope residential developments, GPMC puts its clients at the front and center of everything it does and seeks to address the very aspiration of every homeowner to live in an elegant and secure neighborhood with hassle-free property maintenance that results in the enhancement of his property’s value over-time.
GPMC’s vision is to provide its clientele access to a living experience that is convenient, comfortable and secure; elevating the lifestyle of homeowners and residents of its managed properties.
GPMC commits itself to providing its clients Unparalleled Customer Service, Stringent Safety and Security, First Rate Facilities Management and Maintenance, Spotless and Clean Residential Complex and Transparent Transaction & Financial Management of all its principal’s funds and resources.
We consistently provide the highest standards of service, ensuring all touchpoints within the property bear the hallmarks of GPMC’s unparalleled customer service. From the friendly doorman to the able, reliable receptionist to our trusted service personnel and dedicated property managers we make sure all our clients feel assured and looked after.
Because safety is our top priority, we employ our own vetting process to ensure that only the best security personnel are deployed in the properties we manage. We implement the best practices in life safety, conduct regular drills and train our security personnel to be effective first responders in security and medical emergencies.
GPMC ensures that building systems have regular preventive maintenance to protect the integrity of building structures and ensure longevity of equipment and facilities. All managed properties and corresponding processes are regularly inspected and audited. For your utmost convenience we have a ready team of specialists that endeavors to arrive at a resolution to all your property management related concerns at the fastest possible time.
We are meticulous about cleanliness; to ward off common sickness we conduct regular fumigation and disinfection of all common areas. GPMC implements stringent protocols that ensure that the premises of managed properties are sanitary and safe for all residents.
We regularly conduct orientation of property house rules, provide regular updates on government rulings, report comprehensive maintenance program status and submit timely financial reports. Our clients’ trust is a privilege we never take for granted. That is why we make every transaction and every process transparent.